About Us

Staff at a loom

We began to weave in 1976 because we wanted to live in the country and needed to be able to make a living. Our land, which is mostly covered in natural bush, was not suitable for farming. We taught ourselves to spin, weave and dye by speaking to people who were experienced, reading books and by trial and error. Today we have been joined by our son Robert and we employ nine Zulu people in our weaving business. Find out more about our staff here.

We use natural fibres, making throws and carpets in mohair, wool and cotton which is mostly hand spun and hand woven. These are sold from our shop on the farm and on export to America, Canada. and Italy.

Our Mission Statement

We believe in original, well-made craft. We use only the best materials and we set ourselves a high standard of workmanship, making things which are entirely our own designs, never copied from anywhere at all.

We use environmentally friendly natural fibres, developing our own special handspun yarns.

We are committed also to our workers, offering them, as far as we are able, the same kind of lifestyle we aspire to i.e.to make a decent and satisfying living in a rural setting by handwork which is original and beautiful.

Andy and Helen Shuttleworth

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