Materials and Workmanship

A member of staff mixing dye


We use only the best materials and we set ourselves a high standard of workmanship, making original items which are entirely our own designs.


We use environmentally friendly natural fibres, developing our own special handspun yarns.

The Dyeing Process

We dye everything by hand using the exhaust method. We have a set range of colours which can be ordered or we can make up any colour you request.

The yarn is boiled and soaked until all of the dye is absorbed leaving little waste. It is therefore not harmful to the environment. We do not use salt.

We feel, however, that the most beautiful articles we make are unique “one off” designs that we have developed ourselves. These can be based on a particular colour or scheme but the final article is something which we have designed.

Send us a piece of fabric and we will discuss your requirements in detail.

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