Our Products

Our thorough and professional approach to the design and hand-weaving processes has appeal both locally and around the world.

We create original designs, experiment with new weaves and mix different fibres for exciting effects and to create a range of textures.

We dye the materials onsite, creating beautiful colours and colour effects. We can match just about any colour required for custom pieces.

Whether it's spinning the yarn, dyeing, weaving it, and finishing it off to create the final product, all the work is done by hand.

Whilst the majority of our products are made from natural materials (eg: South African Mohair and Namibian Karakul Wool), we also weave with Polypropylene.

Our looms allow us to create fabrics from as narrow as 500 mm and we also create large-format custom rugs of up to nine metres in one piece.

Our Rugs

We have three ranges available:

  • Our top of the range, luxury 100% Mohair rugs
  • Our middle of the range, great for family homes and medium wear areas in Mohair, and Wool
  • Our practical and hard-wearing Polypropylene rugs, which are ideal for outdoor areas and high traffic zones.

When you are choosing a rug, answering the following questions will help guide you to the right product from our range:

  • Where are you planning to place your rug?
  • Is it a high or low traffic area?
  • Are there animals or children to consider?
  • Do you have a colour range and pattern in mind or decor theme you are working to which you’d like the rug to complement?

Luxury Rugs

Our luxury rugs are all 100% Mohair which has been responsibly sourced from within South Africa. The fleece is handspun, hand-dyed, and then handwoven to create these beautiful rugs. The fibre is strong and resilient, lasting many, many years and yet feeling incredibly soft and cosy underfoot.

These rugs are ideal for living areas and bedrooms and make great statement pieces. Each of our luxury ranges has a different look and finish depending on the fleece and the dyeing and weaving process. These rugs are available in a range of colours and weaves including plain, flecked or stripes.


Acacia Pure Thick Lox Mohair Rug

Our Acacia rugs are handspun and handwoven from pure Thick Lox Mohair to create textured rugs that are extremely lustrous with a shiny finish. Lox Mohair retains the natural colouration of the Mohair, creating an interesting variation of colour in its natural form or when dyed.


Marula Pure Fine Mohair Lox Rug 

Our Marula rugs are handwoven from finely handspun, carefully selected pure Lox Mohair. This fibre creates a thin and purposely uneven thread with a shiny finish. These rugs are extremely lustrous.

Family Rugs

Our family rugs are made from a variety of yarns including Mohair, Wool, and Karakul Wool. We mix these yarns to create robust and beautiful rugs in a variety of colours, designs and sizes. Each is hand-dyed and then handwoven to create these beautiful rugs. The fibre is strong and resilient, lasting many, many years and holds colours beautifully allowing for a vibrant look.

These rugs are ideal for family homes and medium wear areas especially in areas where they will be felt like bedrooms and play areas. These rugs are available in a range of rich colours and design effects including plain, flecked and stripes.


Kowhai Pure Wool Rugs

Our Kowhai rugs are handwoven from a tightly spun pure Wool. The effect of weaving is a neat, smooth finish.


Dombeya Mohair and Wool Blend Rugs

Our Dombeya rugs are a blend of approximately 70% Mohair and 30% Wool. These rugs are handspun, specifically making them thick and chunky and soft to the touch.


Makalani Pure Karakul Wool Rugs

Our Makalani rugs are 100% Namibian Karakul Wool, handspun, and are woven together with a thin thread of New Zealand Wool which creates an even and regular texture throughout.


Clausena Pure Mohair Rugs

Our Clausena rugs are 100% Thick Adult Mohair, handspun, and are woven together with a thin thread of New Zealand Wool to bind it together to create an even textured rug that has a lustrous and shiny finish.

Our Outdoor and
High Traffic Area Rugs

Our outdoor and high traffic area rugs are made from Polypropylene. This man-made fibre is very durable and easy to clean, making it ideal for high-traffic areas indoors (eg: passageway, kitchen and dining room or outdoor areas).

These rugs are available in a range of natural colours and designs including plain, flecked and stripes.

Ficus Polypropylene Rugs

Our Ficus rugs are handwoven from 100% Polypropylene fibre. The mix of weaving techniques, such as flat and ridged used in the weaving process, create a textured feel and look.

Our Throws and Wraps

Our Throws and Wraps are woven from a Mohair blend with a bit of Wool to help the lustrous and shiny Mohair fibres hold together and a tiny bit of Nylon for strength. The composition of the yarn is usually 78% Mohair, 13% Wool, and 9% Nylon (this can vary slightly). We offer them as either Fluffy (hand brushed to raise the fibres) or as a Boucle which has little curls all over.

The fibre is strong and resilient, lasting many years but ever so soft to the touch and cuddly! Individually dyed by hand, they are available in a variety of dye effects including plain, dip-dyed, and tie-dyed.

Our Protea Throws

Our Protea Throws make really light and toasty blankets. Regularly, customers express their amazement at the warmth these throws bring.

This luxury item is ideal for living areas and bedrooms and makes a great statement piece.


Our Clivia Wraps

Our Clivia Wraps are ideal for wrapping around shoulders on a cooler day.