Choose a Handcrafted One-of-a-kind Creation

We understand you are looking for bespoke products, ones that match your brief and wow your customers. We enjoy building relationships with interior designers and retail outlets which allow us to use our imagination and creativity to make handwork that is truly one of a kind, just for you.

Choose yarns suited to the placement of your creation: luxurious Mohair, family-friendly Wool or hard-wearing Polypropylene yarn.

Choose colours to complement your palette, through our dyes, we can match and create beautiful colours and effects.

Choose sizes that will accent or match the spaces you have in mind, we create rugs as narrow as 500 mm or as wide as 8.5 metres in one piece.

Choose collaboration, leverage our expertise, imagination and creativity to design and create that unique rug, throw or wearable.

Choose creations from skilled crafters who take pride in their items that become Family Heirlooms. Our thorough and professional approach to the design and handweaving processes has appeal both in South Africa and around the world.

Choose handmade heritage, at Shuttleworth Weaving, every rug is made in the traditional way.

Partner with Us

At the outset of an order, we will discuss lead times for both samples and the products. We are well versed in exporting our products worldwide. We do not provide stock on consignment, only to order.

We‘d love to hear from you and chat about your requirements so please complete the contact form below:

If you are looking at purchasing rugs, we have three rug ranges, which one/s is of interest to you?
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