Handwoven in South Africa

Shuttleworth Weaving is a family business that creates a range of unique, handwoven standard and bespoke products, eg: hand-crafted rugs, throws and wearables.

Our thorough and professional approach to the design and hand-weaving processes has appeal both locally (South Africa) and around the world.

Our looms allow us to create fabrics from as narrow as 500 mm and we also create large-format custom rugs of up to 8.5 metres.

We are proud of our Hand Woven Heritage and approach. We are not a mass manufacturer but rather skilled crafters who take pride in creating items that become Family Heirlooms. Every product is made by hand, in the traditional way.


Our Rugs

We have three ranges available, from luxury 100% Mohair rugs to practical Polypropylene ones!


Our Throws

Woven from a Mohair blend, our Protea throws make really light and toasty blankets.


Our Wraps

Woven from a Mohair blend, our Clivia wraps are ideal for wrapping around shoulders on a cooler day.

Buy from Us

We love sharing our creations with you! There are a number of ways you can purchase our products. Explore them here...or go directly to our online shop here...

Choose a Handcrafted One-of-a-kind Creation

We understand you are looking for bespoke products, ones that match your brief and wow your customers. We enjoy building relationships with interior designers and retail outlets which allow us to use our imagination and creativity to make handwork that is truly one of a kind, just for you. Read more...

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Shuttleworth Weaving

Shuttleworth Weaving

Shuttleworth Weaving is a family business that creates a range of unique, handwoven standard and bes

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Shuttleworth Weaving
One way texture can be brought into your home is through different fibres. The biophilia trend has encouraged homeowners to look to nature when choosing a texture to incorporate. Texture sensory experience, through the visual impression and how it feels. When you are considering which texture to add, think about the atmosphere and experience you are hoping to create. From there, you can choose from a range of textures and see how they interplay with each other. Mohair, for example, is seen as a luxurious fibre as it is both lustrous and soft - in a rug it can be thick and chunky or create a smooth finish. Hardwearing fibres such as polypropylene create a texture that makes one feel it’s durable and tough, ready for mud and play. Fibres such as Jute and other grasses are often associated with a coastal vibe and heavier textures such as Wool with a more cottage-y feel.Every element of a room can be added to or changed to include more texture. Rugs are one of the easiest ways to add texture to your floor and a throw on a chair or lounge suite can add warmth. The outside environment is full of inspiration, especially when you look at how forms interweave and overlap such as on forest floors, in the vines, leaves, grasses and in feathers and nests. These textures can be mimicked in handmade furnishings using natural materials such as lampshades and baskets. You can highlight different textures by creating contrasts such as a hard wooden floor with a warming Mohair rug over it or a fern in a pot to soften a tiled bathroom.The basics to follow to create a home where texture plays a big part include:* Identify your base texture for example, what are the walls, floors and key items such as chairs. What mood are they creating and how are you looking to change that? If it's all feeling too soft and gentle, see you looking to add something more hard and bold? If it's feeling cold and uninviting, what accessories can be added to soften and warm it?* Consider your “invisible” texture, your lighting! It changes how all the objects in the room appear and can flatten or highlight anything with texture. * Consider your colour scheme, this too impacts on how texture appears. Neutral, monotone colours can disguise texture whereas rich and bright colours and patterns can highlight them.* Look to your accent items. If you already have all your basics, mix up your textural experience with your accessories. Throws, plants, lampshades, cushions and rugs are all things that can be added and changed to bring about a fresher look.Explore our rugs and throws in our online shop: www.shuttleworthweaving.com/online-shop/#handwovenluxury #handwoventextiles #lovelocalza #wool #handmade #handwoven #mohair #polypropylene ... See MoreSee Less
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